The Men’s Workshop

Information + registration:

The workshop runs 3 ½ days and is composed of 3 groups of participants: new men, previous graduates and staff. While new men and graduates generally work independently of each other, they interact at crucial points.

A process is at work here in which basic questions are confronted regarding the individual’s relation to the group:

  • What role do I play in this group?
  • Do I dare to act?
  • Do I dare to be myself?

Relationships with women come into play, so too the relationship with one’s father and with men in general. Basic issues arise dealing with feelings of male guilt and shame, fear of other men, dependence on women and sex.

The intellectual process is complimented by other activities such as drumming, dancing, storytelling, boxing and other rough play, as well as artistic collaboration.

The workshop is only for men willing to confront themselves and each other within an intense group process.

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