Sex, Love and Relationship

What works and what doesn’t

»Who doesn’t dream of living happily ever after? Reality usually — and quite rightly — forces us back on ourselves and our crazy assumptions. Self versus other, faithfulness versus freedom — love challenges us again and again to confront our fears and desires, and to affirm what we want. Corrections are always necessary if we don’t want the dream to turn into a nightmare.« (Quote from John Bellicchi in a session of the seminar Sex, Love + Partnership …)

In the seminar we deal with issues such as:

  • Rivalry and jealousy
  • The importance of boundaries (setting, respecting, crossing …)
  • A need for emotional security
  • Physical intimacy
  • Passion and aggression
  • Trust and control
  • Honoring the difference between the sexes

What you can get from participating:

  • Valuable insights into these complex, emotionally charged themes
  • Clarity about your own needs and desires
  • Courage to express your heartfelt and most intimate concerns
  • Inspiring impulses
  • Rules for lovers
  • An experience of being fully present in the moment, connected with both, your inner and outer worlds.

Is the seminar for couples only?

The complexity of the theme brings us new challenges all life long, whether we are in a loving relationship right now or not. Of course, the seminar is ideal for couples, yet the focus is always on the individual person.