It took me years to write a book. It can take me hours or days or even weeks to paint a picture, but it takes only an instant to shoot a photo — amazing, especially in this digital age, which makes darkroom work unnecessary.
My photo-gallery is a photographic record of my responses to the world around me, a world that I didn’t create but one I can lay claim to with my camera.

The Mansion Of The Harkness Memorial State Park,
from the outside in

These photos were taken looking through the windows of the mansion of the Harkness estate, which is usually closed to the public.

Harkness Memorial Exterior

The exterior of the mansion includes, among other things, two walled gardens, vast expanses of lawn and a beach facing Long Island Sound.

Footbridge, Harkness

This bridge was built to protect the dunes from the park’s many visitors.

Nature Preserve, Harkness

This part of the park functions as a bird sanctuary.

Waterford Beach

This is a beach reserved for residents of the town of Waterford, where I grew up.

New London

New London is the home of the Coast Guard Academy, whose training vessel, the Eagle, can be seen, albeit distantly, in 2 of the photos below.

Alewife Cove

This cove seperates the town of Waterford from that of New London. The photos were taken from the Waterford side, where my parents built our family home.

Peacock Butterfly — Miracle or abberation?
It was the middle of an unseasonably cold December, with temperatures below freezing, and guess what showed up?

The Zoo Bar

Out of all the cafes I have hung out in over the years, I consider the Zoo Bar to be one of the finest. The elegant simplicity of its interior design, its location next to the Stadtkirche of Darmstadt, the small square it faces (an oasis of tranquility in the busy city center), the great coffee (double espresso in my case), its very attentive staff — all these elements elevate it above the norm.

Blue Petal

I started taking photographs in mid-august 2008. Sometime after that I came across the beautifully iridescent blue petal in the photograph above. No flower or flowers, just this lone petal on a bed of green. The photo remains one of my favorites. Fast forward to late spring of 2009. I’m in the same area where I took the photo of the petal and lo and behold there was the type of flower from which this lone petal had come, the photographs of which are included here.

Lake at castle Kranichstein