Graphic Design

Excerpt from an article by Steve Glines in The Wilderness House Literary Review #1 /2
”John Bellicchi is one of the most talented people I know. I met John back in the early 1970’s. He was an artist, a graphic designer and so was I. We became partners and called ourselves ”Colors of the Sun, Graphic Design.“ We specialized in typographic logos. If you don’t know what I mean here is my business card:


Each letter of my last name was hand carved and manually spaced from very expensive (at the time) phototypeset Helvetica. This was well before personal computers made this kind of manipulation easy. John did the work by hand, placing each letter exactly where he felt it belonged, having a Photostat made and reworking it again. It was painstaking work.

When we printed our business cards it was on the most expensive velum paper we could find, on two sides and in two colors, black and a carefully chosen and hand mixed tan, on each side. The paper felt like something between simple card stock and sheepskin. It was the best we could find, better than we could afford and the two-colored ink said quality to those discerning enough to recognize quality when they saw it …“