photo of John Bellicchi

Welcome to the multifaceted world of John Bellicchi

John Bellicchi was born in 1944 in Florida, USA.

He studied painting, drawing and lithography at The Art Students League of New York, as well as oriental medicine and philosophy with Michio Kushi in Brookline, Ma.

From 1972, he ran his own graphic design firm, Colors Of The Sun.

photo by Claudia Leudesdorff, 1993 selfportrait_64 processdesigner_64 poet_64 painter_64

In 1980, however, he became a full time seminar leader, conducting workshops on relationships, leadership, group dynamics and sexuality.

Since 1986, he has been presenting seminars mainly in Europe, where he is the creator of The Men’s Workshop; The Women’s Workshop; Sex, Love & Relationship, a seven-day intensive for singles and couples; The Lover, a seminar on sexuality and the erotic arts; and The Magic Triangle, which explores the link between art, Eros and soul.

As both artist and group leader, John Bellicchi sees himself as a process designer – someone who creates forms that facilitate self-expression and interaction between people in a particular context, such as that of a seminar.

Best known throughout Europe for his men’s work, John has been repeatedly acknowledged for his compassion, humanity, and sense of humor.

Indeed, those who attend his seminars as well as those who hire him as a consultant have said that John has an above average capacity for insight and intuitive perception when it comes to supporting people in dealing with critical human issues.

In recent years, John has been increasingly active as a creative consultant, combining his artistic, design and process-oriented expertise into a service for businesses and other enterprises, both large and small. Additionally, John has been working as a life coach for individuals, couples and groups.

In his personal life, John spends time with his three grown children from a first marriage, as well as with his five grandchildren. He makes his home in Darmstadt, Germany, where he lives with his wife, Johanna Brücher.